Omaha Paranormal Research

Investigating with "Spirit"

Mystery Manor

Case Number: 001-092110
Case Type: Business (Official Website)

Name: Mystery Manor
Built: 1887
Stories: 3 Stories + Basement

History: Was operated as a bordello in the late 1800's early 1900's. In 1984 the current owner bought it after it was run down and nearly condemned by a previous owner.

Reported Deaths on the property: Atleast one of an infant.

Reported Sightings: Shadowy figures, noises from unplugged props, and blue mist anomalies are just a few of the experiences the staff have had.

Reason to Investigate: N/A We contacted them.

Date: September 21st 2010
Time: 9:00pm - 4:45am
          Setup: 9:00pm - 11:00am
          K2 (EMF) Sweep: 11:00am - 11:30am
          Investigation Start: 11:30am
          Take Down: 4:45am

Investigators: Founder - Maggie Beshilas, Co-Founder - John Perrine, Lead Investigator - Stephanie Perrine, and Sensitive - Kyle Moheng. (Picture below has all of us plus the 3 owners in the back.)

Equipment: 4-channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Hi-8 Video Camera, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Recorder (which later broke.), EMF (Electromagnetic Field Detector), Digital Camera x2,Camera Phone, and Radios x4.

Weather: Calm and clear with no storms. (We will get more weather info  as we learn how to collect that data.)


Numbers of hours recorded: 5 hours on DVR x 4 cameras, and 2 hours on Hi-8 camera.
Confirmed Activity: 0

Numbers of Photos Taken: 940
          Camera Phone: 101
          Digital Cameras: 90
          Hi-8 Camera: 749

Confirmed: 0
Debunked: 0
Yet to be Debunked: 5

EVP Recordings: 1 (Our old tape recorder died shortly after the tour. We have bought a new digital one for the next investigations. We caught something on our hi-8 cam)
EMF Conversations: 0

Personal Experiences:
Feeling like your being watched: 3 people (Living room area)
Being Touched: 0

Unexplainable encounters: 3

          Encounter 1: John, Kyle, and Myself (Maggie) were heading up the main stairs closest to control center when I hear a growl coming from besides me. I am half way up the stairs. I recall my self telling them it almost sounded like some one ran their nails along the wood right next to me.

          Encounter 2: Later that night the three of us and one of the owners Matt Wood were on the 3rd floor/Attic area. I was the 3rd to enter the room when we all heard a low growl which should be recorded on the Hi-8 video camera, but has yet to be enhanced.

          Encounter 3: We were wrapping up the investigation and removing the tape from the DVR camera wires. Kyle and I had just exited the office area where camera one was in and a nail fell from the ceiling between the two of us. I was following close behind Kyle, as soon as we heard it we found the nail on the ground and tried to kick it to reproduce the sound but we couldn't match it. Get this the ceiling where it fell from there was no nails in that ceiling. If a nail came from anywhere near that it would have been next to us, which was the stairs. The same stairs as encounter 1.